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Prime for Life

PRIME for Life is a risk reduction program.  The first goal of the program is to help each participant in the program reduce risk for any type of alcohol or drug problem.  The second goal focuses on self-assessment to help people understand and accept the need to make changes to protect the things most valuable in their lives.

PRIME for Life is based on research from many fields and is designed with respect for thousands of people who take this program each year.  It does not moralize or dictate.  We believe that people have good reasons for their beliefs and behaviors.  We also believe that with new information, time to process it, and support for change, most people are willing to explore new beliefs and change behaviors - if the information is valid, the support is genuine, and the benefits are clear.

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Serving East Tennessee Since 1974

Our Mission:  To educate people, specifically the DUI offender and Youth Offender, as to how to live a quality life without using alcohol and/or drugs.

Fully licensed by the State of Tennessee and nationally recognized as an Alcohol / Drug DUI Program.
The DUI program of East TN is provided in 15 counties in the Knoxville area.  It is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Alcohol / Drug Services.  Dr. Don Mitchell, Director, has been the Director of DUI Programs of East TN since 1974.  He graduated (B.S., M.A.) from East Tennessee State University and has his doctorate from the University of Tennessee.  Don is licensed by the state (LADAC) as a substance abuse counselor and is also nationally certified (NCAC II) (MAC) and has been counseling since 1972.  Dr. Mitchell has also taught at UT, ETSU, and Walters State Community College.